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Affordable Individual & Small Business Insurance Options in New Hampshire

As an individual or small business owner in New Hampshire, you want to be able to provide affordable health, dental and vision insurance for you and/or your employees. But this is a very intimidating process and the insurance brokers you have spoken to seem to speak a foreign language. Finding the right insurance broker in New Hampshire that can match your needs with the best group health insurance plan for you; an insurance broker with the patience to walk you through the process in a very friendly way, can also be very difficult.

Individuals & Businesses

Whether you are one person, or a multi-million dollar business, the friendly staff at SBBS, LLC will help you understand the plan you already have, or to build the most appropriate benefits package for you, featuring the best carriers in the industry.


Our Specialties


SBBS, LLC specializes in small business health insurance needs and working with small business owners just like you. We listen to you. We strive to understand your business and your particular needs. We will help you find the right health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance plans for your business.

Fees? NO FEES!
You may not know this, but insurance carriers build the fees they pay insurance brokers and agents like SBBS, LLC into their premiums. This is a cost you pay whether you choose to work with an insurance broker or not. So, all of the knowledge, expertise, and friendly attitude you receive from SBBS, LLC, come to you AT NO COST!!!
HR Functions
Once we have finalized your health insurance plan, we will help you with HR functions of the plan like enrollment and dis-enrollment, claims questions, billing and renewals.

With more than 15 years in the medical and health insurance industries, the professionals at SBBS, LLC can:

  • Help determine what benefits will fit your company’s needs
  • Explain the tax benefits of hosting a group insurance plan
  • Find a carrier who has the network of doctors you want and need
  • Create a program that offers one plan or several plans to fit the diverse needs of you and your employees
  • Build a benefits package that will attract and retain top talent to your company
  • Combine benefits with your budget in mind so you can keep more of your “operating capital” working for your company’s growth
  • Support your employees after the plan’s implementation so you can concentrate on running your business, not your benefits plan.

Complete the Contact Us box to send an email to the affordable insurance experts at SBBS, or call us, at 603-624-1209… we would love to talk to you or provide you with a quote.

Some Of The Carriers We Work With: