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SBBS helps people find the right individual health insurance plans Off of the Marketplace Exchange in New Hampshire.

Being alone is never easy, especially when it comes to finding affordable health insurance in NH. There are too many options available, the Open enrollment window is too short and you often don’t even know how or where to start looking. As well, what you don’t know may be more important than what you do know. This is why you should contact SBBS, LLC.

Our friendly team of individual health insurance professionals will patiently help you walk through the confusing jungle of available health insurance products during the Open Enrollment period. Our only goal is to help you find the individual health insurance coverage in New Hampshire that is just right for you. Then after that, we’re there to help you with your plan through the year in case you run into problems. That’s service after the sale and SBBS, LLC excels at making sure you get your money’s worth.

At Small Business benefit Solutions, LLC, we understand just how difficult it is if you do not have an employer offered health benefits plan. SBBS, LLC is committed to helping you, or any members of your family that may also need coverage, find the individual health insurance plan that is best for you.

Complete the Contact Us box to send an email to the affordable individual health insurance experts at SBBS, or call us, at 603-624-1209… we would love to talk to you or provide you with a quote.

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