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Group Health Insurance in NH

Whether you are a family business or you have dozens of people on staff, securing medical benefits is one of the best ways to attract and retain quality employees, but it’s a daunting task, fraught with terminology and concepts that are typically unfamiliar to you. We understand that your health and that of your family and employees really does impact your bottom line. Here at Small Business Benefit Solutions, LLC, our business is to understand the nuances of medical plans so you can spend your time doing what you do best – running your company. We will not only spend time with you to build the most appropriate benefit package from the best carriers in the industry, we will also take on many of the human resource functions associated with having medical benefits. We help keep the wall of privacy between you and your employees by servicing the plan with them directly. That way, you as the employer, never have to get involved in your employee’s personal health matters.

Whether you’re looking for a simple plan, a comprehensive plan or an innovative Health Savings Account (HSA), our advisors can discuss your needs, explain the tax benefits inherent to offering a benefits package, help you understand your options, then build the plan that’s comfortable and right for your budget.

You may not know this, but insurance carriers build the fees they pay insurance brokers and agents like SBBS, LLC into their premiums. This is a cost you pay whether you choose to work with an insurance broker or not. So, all of the knowledge, expertise, and friendly attitude you receive from SBBS, LLC, come to you AT NO COST!!!

With more than 15 years in the medical and health insurance industries, the professionals at SBBS, LLC can:

  • Help determine what benefits will fit your company’s needs
  • Explain the tax benefits of hosting a group insurance plan
  • Find a carrier who has the network of doctors you want and need
  • Create a program that offers one plan or several plans to fit the diverse needs of you and your employees
  • Build a benefits package that will attract and retain top talent to your company
  • Combine benefits with your budget in mind so you can keep more of your “operating capital” working for your company’s growth
  • Support your employees after the plan’s implementation so you can concentrate on running your business, not your benefits plan.

Complete the Contact Us box to send an email to the affordable group health insurance experts at SBBS, or call us, at 603-624-1209… we would love to talk to you or provide you with a quote.



  • How often do you and/or your employees go to the doctor?
  • How often do you and/or your employees fill prescriptions?
  • Do you and/or your employees want to utilize providers in a network or have the flexibility to see out of network providers?
  • Do you and/or your employees want access to specialists without the need for a referral from your primary care doctor?
  • What types of benefits are important to you and your employees?
  • How much can your company and/or your employees afford?

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