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Kelly started this company when she saw the ever growing need in the small business community for trustworthy advice about health insurance. Through the years in which she worked in the health insurance industry, she found that the broker community would  ignore the health insurance needs of companies of fewer than 10 employees, individuals and seniors because of their small size, and therefore, small premiums upon which to make commissions. She felt that these people deserved the same attention as a company with hundreds of employees.

The first mission of Small Business Benefit Solutions, LLC is to help small businesses, individuals and seniors understand their present coverage or select the right plan.

Small companies can even opt for a combination of plans that will help attract and retain good employees, while staying within a budget. Small Business Benefit Solutions, LLC is a small business, too. As a small business, we understand how important health insurance is for you to have for yourself, and to be able to offer your employees the right health insurance plan to keep them loyal to you.

The business of health insurance has evolved over time and Kelly saw a need for comprehensive consultation for individuals and Medicare eligible seniors as well. She constantly researches the insurance carriers, does her homework to stay current as plans and the industry changes and now also offers assistance with enrollment in Individual-Off-Exchange and Medicare plans.

Kelly and Small Business Benefit Solutions, LLC offer more than 15 years of experience in the health insurance industry. With prior experience in claims processing, enrollment, customer service, product development, marketing, and sales, she understands all areas of medical insurance and can not only help you select the right plan, but can help you understand how your plan works along the way and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

How Can SBBS, LLC Offer NO FEE Services?

That’s a simple answer; when you enroll in a health plan, whether on your own, though our company or assign our company as your agent after you’ve already enrolled, the insurance carrier you’ve selected builds in a commission to your premium in exchange for our efforts to answer your questions and service your account for as long as you own the account, not just when you buy the plan and need to renew it. Essentially, they pay us to keep you from having to call them. They include this “expense” in the costs/premiums of your plan whether you have an agent or not, so it really makes sense to have an advocate working FOR YOU!!!

How Do I Choose The RIGHT ADVOCATE For My Company?

There are many sources in the insurance industry that want to sit back and earn the commissions the insurance companies pay.  Many of them, however, offer health insurance as an after-thought. It’s not what they specialize in, and it’s not a very dominant part of their portfolio, and often the person assigned to the Health Insurance desk is the least experienced member of their team who’s trying to get his or her feet wet in the industry. You should seek out a competent health insurance broker, a professional who is very confident in answering your questions about medical plans.

  • Ask them how the enrollment process works and what are the common hang-ups.
  • Ask them how certain procedures are covered.
  • Ask them what happens during the claims process.

You’ll know right away if you have found a person who specializes in health insurance from the answers you get, or don’t get, from asking these questions.

Small Business Benefit Solutions, LLC not only sells and services insurance plans, but we attend nearly every training opportunity offered by the various carriers, subscribe to as many newsgroups and publications as we can find, we even read the House and Senate versions of the Health Care Reform bill back in 2010. Health insurance policies, procedures, and laws are our livelihood so we make every effort to know more than you need us to know.

But why would I want to deal with more than one broker/agent?

Because health insurance is not like any other kind of insurance product your present broker  can offer to you. No one wants a fire in their home. No one wants to be robbed. No one wants  to get into a car accident.  These events are ones you want to AVOID, thus life, homeowner,  renters, and life insurance policies are considered “policies of avoidance”.  Your health insurance, on the other hand, is a plan you WANT to use and file claims against.  Best of all, thanks to state insurance regulations, the insurance carrier cannot punish you or your small business, or raise your rates for doing so. And don’t forget, using the no-charge preventive benefits of your plan will help to keep you healthy. SBBS, LLC understands this and can work with you to get the most out of your health plan.  For example, did you know that many health insurance policies provide benefits for gym membership? Bet your broker never told you that! When was the last time your broker reached out to remind you to get your physical or to file your gym reimbursement claim? SBBS, LLC does that!

About Kelly

Kelly is a New Hampshire native, born and raised both in Manchester and on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, and still lives in both locations. She was educated in the Manchester Catholic School system, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with Bachelor’s degrees in both Broadcast Journalism and Political Science and is a US Army Veteran, having served in the Intelligence Corps. She remains heavily involved in Veteran issues including the State Veterans Advisory Committee to the Governor’s Office, Veterans Count and the New Hampshire Veterans Association. She volunteers with Wreaths Across America, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire, the Greater Federation of Women’s Clubs-Nashaway Chapter and the New Hampshire Humane Society.

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